ZMĚNA ROZHODČÍHO KLUBOVÉ VÝSTAVY 24.6.2017 v Chlumci nad Cidlinou - pan Adolf Ringer z Rakouska se z vážných rodinných důvodů omluvil z posuzování.

Obě plemena na klubové výstavě posoudí pan Gino Decruy z Belgie.

Gino DECRUY (Belgie)


chovatel whippetů (Jineau kennel) a předseda belgického Whippet Clubu

Since my teen years there has always been a dog in my life, my first pedigree dog was a Boston Terrier, imported from Norway.

I've always been intrested in dogs of all kind and at this age I started to visit breeders from different breeds to know all about the concerning breeds in detail.

At 13 years I started to go to dogshows as a visitor, soon afterwards I was quite active as a ringsteward at different dogshows through Belgium.

At this time the Bedlington Terrier came into my life and at the age of 19 I've owned and handled my first Champions.

I've owned and/or co-owned several Champions in Bedlington Terrier, Galgo Espagnol, Italian Greyhound, Petit Brabançon and ofcourse bred/owned or co-bred/owned Whippets under the Jineau and Roccobarocco's name. Some of them not only became Champions and/or Top Dogs, but also BIS(S)-winners.

Through the years we've imported dogs from Norway, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and France.

I've been - and still am - active as a ringsteward, groomer, handler, judge, examinator, teacher of showhandling classes, participant at World Congresses and seminars, breeder and committee member of an All Breed Canine Show Handlingclub and National Breed Club.

Currently I'm the President of The Belgian Whippet Club and an All Breed Club which organised in the past an annual all breed CAC or CACIB-show.

At one point I was the youngest Belgian judge officiating and since I had the honour to judge either at CAC / CACIB-level, Specialty Shows and Junior and Veteran Shows for the breeds I judge in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Within the past 25 years with our beloved dogs, I had the opportunity to visit, experience and see a lot of European countries as a judge, visitor or exhibitor and treasure my annual holidays at Crufts or Windsor Dog Show in the Uk and The Sighthound Specialty at Donaueschingen in Germany.

Being active in several canine disciplines and breeds - as a breeder/handler/committee member/judge - I appreciate a personal approach and contact.

I wish you all a nice day, hope to meet you and your dogs soon !


Gino Decruy